Monday, June 12, 2006

Some clarity!

Wayne Leman was kind enough to clear up some of the uncertainty, see below;

"Glenn, the quote by R.C. Sproul is genuine. He said what Suzanne has quoted. I linked to his quote several months ago from my TNIV links webpage. Unfortunately, when I now try the citation link from that webpage I get a dead link.You are welcome to cite the url from my webpage if you like as a source--it was a legitimate source at one time. Apparently someone has deleted the webpage that used to be on the Internet with that quote from Dr. Sproul."

But, this still begs the question as to why the reluctance to give a source by Suzanne and why the comment - "...but I feel it is better without that context." What is so dubious about the 'context'?


Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Glenn, today I requested R.C. Sproul's Ligonier Ministry to send me a copy of his message from which that quote was excerpted. I hope they will do so. Their on-line archives of Dr. Sproul's messages only go back 30 days.

Thank you for trying, as I am, to track down the original message.

4:37 am  

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