Monday, June 12, 2006

Should do better!!

I have just posted the following on the Better Bibles Blog;

'Suzanne, why are you unwilling to say where you found the quote that you have given in the original post.You said

"I apologize for not saying where I got the quote, but I feel it is better without that context. I have no reason to think that it is not accurate, but I cannot get into the Tabletalk archives."

As far as I can see there are no Tabletalk archives on the Ligonier site anyway.I'm sorry, but all we have is an unsubstantiated quote from a source that is dubious at best and if not dubious, why not give it. Obviously I can't say either way. I don't subscribe to Tabletalk, but to build an accusation against R C Sproul without giving anybody the chance to investigate the varacity of your 'source' is at best an abrogation of your own blog guidelines. I expect better standards from your goodself, so should you. '

To get the full context you would need to see the original post 'Apology to my pastor's wife' + 34 comments. (On the Better Bibles Blog)

The bottom line is that an accusation has been made against R C Sproul and Suzanne McCarthy, as can been seen from her quote, is very reluctant to reveal where she found the quote she has used to cast aspersions on his abilities as a theologian.
In other respects Suzanne is usually very meticulous and is normally very quick to point out what she perceives as a lacking in this area in others arguments.
R C Sprouls main crime seems to be that he had the temerity to sign up to the 'Colorado Springs Guidelines'.
You can't help but get the impression that to do so is make you a less than a serious theologian.

I made the mistake of thinking that Wayne Leman was an egalitarian (see previous post and comments for my apology), but there is no such error with Suzanne. Definitely a 'dyed in the wool' egalitarian who allows that to warp her perception of many who are Complimentarian in viewpoint.

The theological gymnastics sometimes used by Suzanne to make the Bible say what she wants it to are not to be recommended, but are sadly typical of much that comes from the egalitarian camp.


Blogger Suzanne McCarthy said...

In other respects Suzanne is usually very meticulous

Thank you Glenn for those very kind words. We will try find the original source.

3:53 am  
Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Glenn, you graciousl posted:

I made the mistake of thinking that Wayne Leman was an egalitarian (see previous post and comments for my apology)

Thank you.

Here are statements made by me in previous comments on your blog which might have led you to your conclusion:

"Wayne Leman is one of the saner voices on the egalitarian side of things" (from you)

Well, Glenn, if that's the message you've gotten from my posts, then I have miscommunicated and I'm sorry. I do not advocate egalitarianism in any posts anywhere. I am personally saddened by the current divisions between complementarians and egalitarians.


My defending the TNIV from erroneous statements does not make me an egalitarian. And the TNIV is not an egalitarian translation. You can clearly teach complementarianism from the TNIV if you want to. In fact, I'm planning to post extensive verses from the TNIV on that topic one of these day.

I am a Bible translator. I strongly belive in orthodox biblical Christianity, quite similar to the list you posted in "Some of what I believe" on this blog. I try to focus on the essentials of our faith. I have a personal policy of not making public comments in several areas: my politics, my beliefs about non-core doctrines (doctrines not essential to what unites us as Christians), and perhaps a few other areas. In several areas I am a work in progress, still growing toward what I desire to be as biblical based a position as possible.

I do not wish any of my growth in non-essential areas of doctrine to detract from my focus on core doctrines which drive my life and which spur me on to help translate the Bible for people about the world.

Since I have a practice of not discussing my beliefs on non-essential areas, I also do not wish to be categorized in any of those areas. I want to join with like-minded believers who also focus on the essentials to help bring the Good News of salvation through Christ to a needy world. To do this, I don't think it is relevant for others (or myself) to post publicly about what political party (if any) I might belong to, whether I am a complementarian or egalitarian (if either), whether I believe in infant or believer's baptism, whether I believe that the sign gifts are still for today or not, etc.

I hope this helps.

May God richly bless you.

1 Cor. 15:58

4:36 pm  

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