Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Atonement confusion, still !!

Adrian Warnock has caused a stir over at his blog with his post on the substitutionary penalty paid by Christ on the cross.
Because he commented that -

"The bible is very very clear, we are saved by Christ from the wrath of God. If you cannot accept that, I am not convinced that you are definitely saved and I would be concerned that you might fall short of the test that we will all undergo on that final day. This issue really is that important."

Some of the comments have been a little reactionary, rather than reading what he actually said, they have zeroed in on the doubt of salvation comment, but apparently ignoring his opening statement of the paragraph above.

I mean, come on, if you don't accept that Christ paid the price of our sins by God pouring out His wrath on Christ on the cross, then just what is your hope?
If they were not paid for on the cross they haven't been paid for and we are to be pitied.
How can you be sure of your salvation if you don't believe that Christ died for you on the cross and that in so doing absorbed the penalty for your sins?


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