Thursday, October 06, 2005

Roman Catholicism sinks ever lower

This article at the Times Online shows that the RC leadership has completely lost the plot.
It's official folks, if you are a Catholic you get to pick and choose which bits of the Bible you want to believe and which you would rather leave out.

They confuse two different descriptions of one event as two different events. They have decided that although the Bible is Gods word He couldn't get the creation bit right and had to borrow it from the myths of others.
Oh dear, God got it wrong again. NOT

When is the Roman Catholic Church going to wake up and realise that the Bible is really the word of God and not something they can pick at.

The blindness demonstrated by this latest absurdity is almost beyond belief.

Roman Catholicism needs evangelising as much as Hindus. At least the Hindus have an excuse.


Blogger digibrill said...

There are a lot of Roman Catholics who are good Christians. You just have to search for them. They believe different things about the same verses and some things we won't know the doctrine concerning until we get there.

5:39 am  
Blogger Glennsp said...

There may well be, but Roman Catholicism in it self is full of idolatry, mans tradition is placed above the word of God by the leadership of the RC church.
Mary is viewed by many to be co-equal with Jesus as an intercessor with God.
This may well be a comment that will annoy, but the state of the RC church is such that ultimately if those christians were that good, why are they still there?

10:42 pm  

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