Thursday, July 28, 2005

Literal days of Creation

This is of course another very contentious subject and just like the issue of whether or not women should be Elders (no) is easilyn resolved by a plain reading of scripture.
No leading Hebrew scholar denies that literal 24 hour days are the intended meaning in Genesis 1.
For those unaware of the reason - if the Hebrew word for Day 'Yom' is with a number and/or the words morning and/or evening it always, without exception means a literal 24 hour day.
So when it states in Genesis 1 - Morning and Evening of the First Day ( Second and so on) it couldn't really be made more clear.
Yet even with something this clear it still amazes me (although it probably shouldn't) that people can so wilfully and deliberately insist on anything other than the straight meaning of scripture just because fallen man has a different idea.
I am here refering to Christians, not nonbelievers.
So many otherwise well informed Christians don't seem to grasp the undermining effect of consigning Genesis 1-11 to myth instead of the hard facts it actually represents.
Other Christians (like Hugh Ross) know exactly what they are doing and would rather kowtow to the worlds so called 'Theory of Evolution' than acknowledge the true sovereignty of Gods version of events.
So many people seem unaware that there is not one single piece of evidence for 'molecules to man' evolution. No transitory forms have ever been found. (apart for a few forgeries)
All the scientific evidence supports a young earth, Noahs Global Flood and the co-existence of man and dinosaurs.
This is one of the 'other' subjects that I have studied extensively from all sides for many years.
I highly recommend the Answers in Genesis web site for an extensive library of documents and audio available for free.


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