Sunday, July 03, 2005

New Frontiers Conference

At last the New Frontiers International Leaders Conference in Brighton UK is finally here.
Tuesday morning is zero hour.
I have spoken with two of our friends from Goa, India who lead Churches there. Two of their team who have never been before are coming. One of them is a worship leader from Vasco De Gama who I am so looking forward to finally meeting. This man has suffered so much and is suffering still. He and his family are a shining example to all because in the midst of it all glory is given to God.
Two other friends from India are also going to be there, Praise God. We see each other maybe once in a year, more often it can be two years between our face to face meetings.
C J Mahaney is with us this year, what a privilege. 40 nations represented, fantastic.
I will post each night before falling into bed on the highlights.
My Church is running two mini buses each day, we leave 07:45 and get back at about 23:20, but it is worth every minute.


Blogger thebluefish said...

Really was a superb conference.

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