Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Looking forward to...

Only a few weeks to go until the New Frontiers 'International Leaders Conference' in Brighton, UK. This year we have the pleasure of the company of C J Mahaney speaking on Sovereign Grace. Leaders and delegates from over 40 countries are expected.
As usual it will be exciting to hear what Terry Virgo has to say,as well as the other speakers, several of which are from outside New Frontiers. (as usual)
I look forward to seeing friends from India as this is the only opportunity I get at the moment to see them face to face.
If you want to know more check out www.newfrontiers.xtn.org


Blogger Mark said...

Hi Glenn, I'm looking forward to the New Frontiers conference too, although I will only get to go for one day. As usual the lineup of speakers is excellent.


6:18 pm  
Blogger thebluefish said...

Yeah looking forward to it too. In the student track for some of it (being a student worker) but looking forward to CJ, Stackhouse and co in the main sessions.



8:45 pm  

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