Monday, June 06, 2005


I would like to recommend two seminal books on fasting; 'Gods Chosen Fast' by Arthur Wallis and 'A Hunger For God' by John Piper.

'Gods Chosen Fast' was published in England in 1968 with the first paperback appearing in 1969. It is only 119 pages long, but is full of Biblical wisdom relating to fasting including some very practical guidelines for starting and finishing a fast. These relate more to longer fasts but have value in regard to all fasting. A must have for any serious library.

'A Hunger For God' appeared in a UK edition in 1997. This work is 239 pages long and raises very pertinant observations regarding the application of fasting and our heart attitudes.
As always with John Piper you cannot get away with a half hearted attitude to this subject. After reading this book you will have no excuse for wrong application or for wrong attitudes in regard to fasting. Another must have for any serious library


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