Thursday, June 23, 2005

Battle of the sexes

Over the last couple of days I have been commenting on other blogs on the ESV, gender and the like. I have noticed from some of the comments that a few people are repeating things they have been told, but without actually checking it out properly for themselves.
Leadership being male always causes confusion and the enemy laughs long and loud. It amazes me how many people seem unaware that although we are equal before God spiritually, He has assigned us different roles which were established before the fall not afterwards, and therefore qualify for the "very good" comment from God.
If being head of the household doesn't drive you to your knees then nothing will, what an incredible responsibilty. Of course you are to do it as God commands and not the way that some men do which is harsh and domineering in nature.


Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Hello Glenn, I found your blog by following a link from Adrian Warnock's blog. I just completed a blog post on the language gender issue in the ESV and TNIV. Not an easy post to write.

1:20 am  

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