Monday, May 29, 2006

A visitor!!!

Wow, excellent, a visitor - to my blog - a rare experience indeed and a welcome one.
Wayne Leman is one of the saner voices on the egalitarian side of things, although let me be quick to say that there is much more to the man than a single issue. (see Better Bibles Blog)
Others on the BBB are, shall we say, more strident in their viewpoints.
Do I agree with him on a lot of issues, no, to put it simply.
I am sure we could find some common ground on which to agree, but when it comes to issues of leadership in the Church, we do not agree at all.


Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Wayne Leman is one of the saner voices on the egalitarian side of things

Well, Glenn, if that's the message you've gotten from my posts, then I have miscommunicated and I'm sorry. I do not advocate egalitarianism in any posts anywhere. I am personally saddened by the current divisions between complementarians and egalitarians.

If you are thinking of my defense of the TNIV, I am only defending the TNIV against what seem to me to be false accusations from others. I personally to not use the TNIV. I do not wish to use it. But I will defend any Bible version from what seems to be false claims. I believe in telling the truth as best as we know, and I always want to do it with Christ's love. I fall short on both counts, but with God's help I pick myself up and keep trying.

10:22 pm  
Blogger Wayne Leman said...

Glenn, a P.S.:

My defending the TNIV from erroneous statements does not make me an egalitarian. And the TNIV is not an egalitarian translation. You can clearly teach complementarianism from the TNIV if you want to. In fact, I'm planning to post extensive verses from the TNIV on that topic one of these day.


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