Sunday, July 31, 2005

Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics

Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics

What a beautiful insight to Gods superiority in the detail of the flight of a butterfly which man can still not mimic.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Literal days of Creation

This is of course another very contentious subject and just like the issue of whether or not women should be Elders (no) is easilyn resolved by a plain reading of scripture.
No leading Hebrew scholar denies that literal 24 hour days are the intended meaning in Genesis 1.
For those unaware of the reason - if the Hebrew word for Day 'Yom' is with a number and/or the words morning and/or evening it always, without exception means a literal 24 hour day.
So when it states in Genesis 1 - Morning and Evening of the First Day ( Second and so on) it couldn't really be made more clear.
Yet even with something this clear it still amazes me (although it probably shouldn't) that people can so wilfully and deliberately insist on anything other than the straight meaning of scripture just because fallen man has a different idea.
I am here refering to Christians, not nonbelievers.
So many otherwise well informed Christians don't seem to grasp the undermining effect of consigning Genesis 1-11 to myth instead of the hard facts it actually represents.
Other Christians (like Hugh Ross) know exactly what they are doing and would rather kowtow to the worlds so called 'Theory of Evolution' than acknowledge the true sovereignty of Gods version of events.
So many people seem unaware that there is not one single piece of evidence for 'molecules to man' evolution. No transitory forms have ever been found. (apart for a few forgeries)
All the scientific evidence supports a young earth, Noahs Global Flood and the co-existence of man and dinosaurs.
This is one of the 'other' subjects that I have studied extensively from all sides for many years.
I highly recommend the Answers in Genesis web site for an extensive library of documents and audio available for free.

Wayne Grudems excellent book

I have just finished reading Wayne Grudems excellent book 'Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth'.
I know it has been out for a while, but I have only recently had a chance to read it.
Oh Joy, what an excellent reference work to refute the half truths and outright misinformation that some Egalitarians are trying to foist on an unsuspecting public.
The deliberate twisting and mis-representation of scripture in some of the books coming from the Egalitarian side is so saddening.
And no, I am not just taking Wayne Grudems word for everything. I do a lot of checking and reading of reference works and studies done by others. (and have done for many years on this issue and others)
What is in the book is not all news to me, but it brings it together in one place.
This book will go on my shelves next to my commentaries.
I only disagree with him on one point - I don't think women should be Deacons.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sad day for C of E

What a sad day for the C of E, women Bishops, how ridiculous. The final nail in the coffin of the Anglican community, but then the so called Anglican community has been a very sad joke for quite some time.
Compromise after compromise has weakened the ability of the Anglicans in the West to truly witness for Gods kingdom. Although there are many Bible saturated uncompromising laity the powers that be have hamstrung them time and time again.
Now we hear that many clergy will 'defect' to the RC church, more insanity. How can you ignore the wonton idolatry which is intrinsic to Roman Catholicism or the advocacy of Marian worship with all that that entails. (I know that not all RC hold to the worship of Mary, but most are willing to call on her for intercession which is not much different)
How so many otherwise intelligent people can be so blind is truly saddening

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I am amazed, I won!!!!

I can't believe it, I have won an ESV of my choice. I honestly can't remember the last time i won anything. It is such a lovely feeling.
It is such an excellent gesture by GNP. I have just read on Adrians blog that because of the number of comments they have upped the number of giveaways from 3 to 6.
I am really looking forward to getting the ESV of my choice, oh okay, I chose the Genuine Leather Burgundy Thumb Indexed Classic Reference.
I still wish that they would bring the Study Bible forward from Fall/Autumn 2008.
Oh Well.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

ESV and the Spirit

The latest Q&A on the ESV asks about the involvement of the Holy Spirit in the translation process. J I Packer comments that they involved God and the Holy Spirit every day before starting the translation work

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

1st Day of Conference

What a wonderful start to the Conference. Excellent teaching on perserverence during suffering, God using the weak and such excellent worship.
Brilliant time with Ranjit & Synthia from India, our first face to face for 2 years.
Also met some new faces from India praise God.
Added 5 new books, more on that later. Must go to bed, early start

Sunday, July 03, 2005

New Frontiers Conference

At last the New Frontiers International Leaders Conference in Brighton UK is finally here.
Tuesday morning is zero hour.
I have spoken with two of our friends from Goa, India who lead Churches there. Two of their team who have never been before are coming. One of them is a worship leader from Vasco De Gama who I am so looking forward to finally meeting. This man has suffered so much and is suffering still. He and his family are a shining example to all because in the midst of it all glory is given to God.
Two other friends from India are also going to be there, Praise God. We see each other maybe once in a year, more often it can be two years between our face to face meetings.
C J Mahaney is with us this year, what a privilege. 40 nations represented, fantastic.
I will post each night before falling into bed on the highlights.
My Church is running two mini buses each day, we leave 07:45 and get back at about 23:20, but it is worth every minute.