Saturday, May 03, 2008

Luke Chapter 6

It was v37a that 'leapt' out at me here, what I consider to be one of the more abused verses in the Bible.
How many times have you heard people try and avoid legitimate challenges by misapplying this verse. So many Christians think it is a 'Get out of jail free' card to avoid any challenges.
When that particular 'log' has been removed it is obvious that it is hypocrisy that is being spoken against here.
To put it plainly; if you were guilty of adultery and you took someone else to task for committing adultery then this verse would apply to you.
When you allow scripture to inform assessment of scripture it becomes even more obvious because we are told in Mat 18: v15-18 ( for instance) what to do when we "judge" someone to be in sin.
If we were to truly 'judge not' in the way that too many would prefer then we would be unable to follow the very clear instructions laid out in Matthew reference above.


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