Saturday, April 05, 2008

So called 'pregnant man'!!

There has been much said about the so called 'pregnant man' in the USA and it is utterly ridiculous.

Lets get one thing clear right from the start; she is not a man, she is a woman trying to pretend to be a man. She was born a woman and no amount of surgery can change that simple fact.

She is not even a good imitation of a man because although she had some surgery, she left her reproductive organs intact. (because she wanted a child at a later date)

Now lets make something else clear; no true man can be pregnant, only women can be pregnant and carry a child to full term. I realise that that is a shocking statement for some deluded souls on this planet, but it is an unalterable fact.

These same people seem to think that by calling a woman a man and artificially inducing facial hair and a deepening of the voice through the introduction of testosterone (again, artificially) that it somehow makes there irrational statements true. NO IT DOESN'T and it never will.

It is called propaganda and that is all it will ever be.

Do I hate these people, NO I do not. I think they are in need of help. I think they are deluded spiritually and need to be set free from the delusions that beset there troubled souls.

This twisting of the true nature of men and women is another assault on the beautiful created order of God.


Blogger Glennsp said...

Don, I didn't allow your comment because it had nothing to do with the case in question (IMO) and I didn't want to possibly introduce confusion.
If I ever do a post on that subject then I will be more than happy to allow a similar comment from you.

10:26 pm  

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