Thursday, March 27, 2008

Luke Chapter 3

This '1 thing' provided much food for thought which is ongoing .

What struck me here is the command that if we have even one item over and above the absolute basics we are to share with those who have not.
In this example provided in Chap 3 we are told that if you have two tunics (note only two) we are to give away the extra one to someone who has not.

Many people in the West would consider this to be madness. Only having two shirts for instance would be considered more than below the poverty line and yet we are commanded by God to be ready to give one away.

When one looks at the Church in the West (and elsewhere), and by Church I am of course referring to the people, not the buildings, we need to realise that we are soaked in almost unimaginable wealth.
What many Christians would consider to give away would be from what they see as 'excess to requirements' which falls a long way short of the Biblical injunction and standard.

I note also in passing that the soldiers in v4 are not told by John the Baptist to give up soldiering or to become pacifists, he tells them to be honest and content with what they have. How very different from what many Christians spout these days.


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