Thursday, December 13, 2007

Insanity in Finland!!

No, not mental health issues, but the act of the Finnish Government in taking some Lutheran Pastors to court for standing up for what they believe concerning leadership of Christ's Church.

For the full story follow this link to CBMW.

Give it a few more years and this insanity could break out here if the militants have their way.

Think about it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Never ending Merry-Go-Round

So here we are, the Anglican Communion is still trying to pretend that something could be done to stop the split.
Now, I consider the split not only inevitably, but eminently desirable. To sort the wheat from the chaff is always desirable.
People who consider the homosexual life style as being exceptable to God and not condemned by the Bible cannot also claim to be Christian and Bible believing. The dichotomy between the two standpoints is unbridgeable.

Maybe it is time to except that the Anglican Church is in need of a good Reformation on a par with the original. For instance the Church is the people not the building; you don't need to wear strange dress like costumes to minister to Gods people; there is no need for an Archbishop and certainly not one who lives in luxury surrounded by pomp and ceremony. sort of like a second rate Pope; so much deadwood needs to be cut away before the Anglican community in the West can start to be vibrant and alive again.
The isolated pockets of life just serve to highlight the desperate need of the rest.

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