Monday, September 10, 2007

A teenagers comment on teenagers

Go to the following link to read an excellent analysis of the 'teenage problem' .

Today many do not realise that the concept of the 'teenager' only came about after WWII.

Read it and weep and then pray.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Aarrrrgh, blogdom

Cough, cough, choke, choke. I really must come here more often, the dust is a killer.
I am sure that this has been raised elsewhere and it will have been put better than I am able, but I think the Blog world has created a problem.
It is now so easy to get ones thoughts on-line that too many people think their opinion is worth far more than it actually is.

People now think that just because they have an opinion about something that it is weighty and deserving of propagation. Hence all the opinion 'fights' that go on over things that are patently ridiculous in the first place.

Christians who think they know better than the Bible, in other words, they don't like what they find there and therefore it can't possibly mean what it says and then they move mountains to prove that it must mean something completely different

There is one blog where they have a policy that you are not allowed to make personal attacks on people, their opinions yes, but not the people themselves. Sounds good, except they don't seem to want to follow it themselves. There are several contributors to the blog and at least two of them regularly indulge in character attacks on the people they disagree with.
This display of hypocrisy is sad, that when challenged they refuse to see it is even sadder.

There are too many Christian blogs that are seemingly incapable of realising that non Christians come across their blogs and see this sort of hypocrisy (and worse) and are rightly put off.