Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creation Museum finally open

Praise God for His truth.
At last the AIG Creation Museum in the USA is finally open to the public. All the time and effort to get this excellent facility up and running has come to fruition. This wonderful statement that Gods truth and true Science are not incompatible is a joy to behold and oh how it has the evolutionists running scared.
Petitions against, signed by people who haven't seen the inside of the Museum and mocking news reports which are so clearly full of misinformation are but two examples of the signs of their panic.
After all they don't want people to realise that Evolution (molecules to man) has no basis in fact and that there is no evidence at all for this so called 'factual' explanation of how everything came into being.
Of course the saddest part of all this is the continued collusion of 'Christians' in this fallacy. People who claim Jesus as their Saviour, but put man's fallible opinions above the Word of God.
The only downside is having to travel all the way to the USA to visit the Museum.
Even some of its detractors have had the honesty to admit that it is a world class facility.

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