Thursday, November 02, 2006

A few women wasting their time

It is sad to see some women wasting so much of their time and spiritual energies trying to prove that the Bible doesn't really say what it is saying and even if it is it doesn't really mean it!!!
Get that? (oh, and if all else fails, then it was added by a scribe and as such can be ignored anyway or Paul didn't write it so it shouldn't be included in Scripture, and so on, and so on)

I am of course refering to the issue of women in leadership in the Church.
From Genesis to Revelation the teaching of the Bible is that leadership in the Church is to be men only and that in the home the man is head of the family.

Now at this point certain female bloggers often start accusing the writer/speaker of supporting violence against women in the home etc, in essence trying to cloud the issue with lies and emotional rhetoric (not to mention slander)

No matter how much sound research, word studies, Biblical evidence is brought to bear it is automatically dismissed because it doesn't say what they want to hear.

Wayne Grudems excellent resource 'Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth: an analysis of 118 disputed questions.' is often pilloried by these same people, but I have yet to see them dispute the 118 questions or the veracity of their origins. As usual it is just claimed that Grudem is wrong or it is implied that he is a lousy theologian/academic or despite the fact he is a Professor of NT he actually does not have a grasp of the subject.

These sort of personal attacks are okay from their side, but a travesty if the slightest hint is made that their abilities in these areas are, shall we say, verging on the incompetent.


Blogger Donna L. Carlaw said...

Glenn, I wonder if you have read Mary Kassian's book on the Feminist Gospel. It is available free online over at the CBMW site.

I have read both her book and Grudem's whole, several hundred page tome. It's great stuff. They really have a clear picture of egalitarian error.

I do think that they downplay a woman's child-bearing role somewhat, but in general, they cover all the bases quite well. I actually think that John MacArthur is better on the exposition of the key Scriptures.

I agree with your comments in this post, and appreciated your participation at AW's blog.

I think that at the very end, Warnock fudged just a little, but mostly he stood up well under the egalitarain assault and did not give ground. I don't know how Grudem stands it. There is real hatred for him among many egalitarians.

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