Monday, October 30, 2006

Not Junia again!!

Over on Better Bibles Blog (personally I think it is a bit of a misnomer) one of the contributors has started a multi part post on whether or not Junia was an Apostle.....again.

Was Junia an Apostle? No is the simple answer. In the Bible all of the Apostles were men and Jesus would have included women amongst them if He had wanted to.

Some have dared to put it down to Jesus not wanting to offend the cultural mores of the time, well all I will say on that one is that such things did not stop Him at any other time.
There is much clear evidence in the NT to support male only leadership of the Church and none for the inclusion of women amongst that leadership.

Are they excluded from ministring to other women and to children? No.
Are they prevented from assisting their Husbands in ministring to men away from the main gatherings? No.
So the key to the misguided efforts on the BBB hinge around whether Paul was saying "well known amongst the Apostles" or the more accurate translation "well known to the Apostles".

The latter is actually more likely although the former is present in many translations. The latter has come about due to extensive new research into Greek usage etc from the relevant era.

Of course this is rejected out of hand by those with a vested interest in trying to prove that Junia was an Apostle.

Now, in and of itself this new research is actually a side issue. My comments about Jesus choosing only men for His Apostles is by far the more persuasive of the two as not even the advocates of Junia can deny that that is indeed what Jesus did.

They do not like it and try to deny the significance of that choice at all costs.

It also seems to escape their notice that they have to perform all sorts of theological 'gymnastics' to try and prove their point. Take verses or ideas in isolation to the rest of Scripture (when it suits) and when all else fails...deny that the scripture at that point is binding for today.

In other words, anything other than submitting to the clear teaching of scripture.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Suffering & the Sovereignty of God - Crossway books

This book should be read by every Christian because it addresses one of the fundamental issues of our day, suffering.
This is an issue that is too often downplayed or sidelined by young and old alike.
Like the authors in this book I do not approach this subject from a distance, but up close and very, very personal. I have been chronically ill for the last 5 years and during the treatment had to deal with chronic anaemia, infected psoriasis, near migraine level headaches, an almost non existent white cell count, blurred vision and much more besides. I am now technically ‘cured’, but my body is still recovering and reducing all the painkillers is progressing albeit slowly.

This book starts with the word of God, feeds off the word of God and honours the word of God throughout.
If you are seeking easy answers then don’t read this book, but if you are seeking answers that strengthen your spirit and leave you with the highest view of the sovereignty of God, then read on. (In the book I mean, not this blog)

John Piper, as always, gives us no wriggle room (praise God) and lays it all out in his indomitable way.
He shows that God is in control of everything and that we can rely on that fact because He is there for us.
Feel under attack from the armies of Satan or the sinful desires of your own flesh? Be encouraged because God will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability to endure.
In physical or emotional pain? Be encouraged because Jesus knows and understands your suffering.
As John Piper puts it in chap 1 –

“God is supreme in all things. He has all authority, all power, all wisdom—and he is all good
“to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him” (Lam. 3:25).
And his name, as Creator and Redeemer and Ruler of all, is Jesus Christ.
In the last few years, 9/11, tsunamis, Katrina, and ten thousand personal losses have helped us discover how little the American church is rooted in this truth.”

I would add that this applies in general to the church in the West. There are beacons in the dark from churches like Bethlehem Baptist and the Sovereign Grace Ministries group of churches amongst others, but they are all too few.
Just as well that God has it all under control.

If you are suffering, struggling for answers then READ THIS BOOK.

Please believe me when I tell you that it is possible to praise God joyfully in the midst of pain and suffering when you find your strength in God.

All the authors in this book understand the reality of this all too well.

By the grace of God I know it to be a reality as well. This is achievable by anyone, you do not have to be some sort of ‘super saint’, far from it.

Please read this and be encouraged and challenged.

Video on demand @ AIG

I would like to recommend the 'Video On Demand' section of the Answers In Genesis website - come to that I would like to recommend the whole site - where AIG are sharing some of their videos online in 15 minute sections every Tuesday.
This can be found under 'Media' at the top of the home page.
This site is full of material and demonstrates that science supports the Bible and shows that evolution (molecules to man) is a lie.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Book reviews!!!

Shortly I will publishing my reviews of 'Suffering and the Sovereignty of God' and 'Overcoming Sin and Temptation'.

Both of these books should be on the shelf of all who profess to be Christian.


I love photography and cameras (the two loves do not always go together)

Photokina saw the release of an amazing panoramic scan camera with a resolution of 160 million pixels. Requiring only 1 second to take a complete scan. If it is as good as is claimed this will be a real step forward in landscape digital panoramas.

I am also looking forward to the official release of Adobe's Lightroom - currently on Beta release 4.1 - an amazing piece of software. So easy to use.

So long, I had not realised

Time flows so quickly somtimes. I had not realised it was so long since I had posted here.
Too much time spent reading other sites. Tsk, tsk.