Sunday, September 25, 2005

Review of C J Mahaney's new book

Over the last week and a half I have been savouring C J Mahaneys forthcoming book 'Humility: True Greatness'. Due out at the end of October & published by Multnomah.

I am one of the blessed 50 bloggers who volunteered to review this eagerly awaited book.

What a treat and a treasure. This is a powerful reminder of the pervasiveness of pride and just how much we must fight to keep it from getting any control.
There are 3 parts to the book composed of 12 chapters. Parts one and two contain 2 chapters each. Part 3, which covers 'The Practice of True Humility', appropriately has the other 8 chapters.

The first two chapters, The Promise of Humility & The Perils of Pride lead us gently into the book.
After that I couldn't stop reading and thinking about this book. I don't care how long you have been a Christian or how mature you assume yourself to be in Christ, this book will challenge you and confront you and rightly so. No one is free from this battle nor will we ever be until we are taken to glory.

C J leads us so graciously through this whole subject and as usual thinks himself so unworthy of doing so. Although he will be uncomfortable with it I have to say that few are so well qualified to write on this subject as he is.

I first came across C J in 1992 at Stoneleigh Bible Week when he gave a talk on the Book of Job and suffering. He counselled me after one of the meetings (There is no way he would remember) and God used him powerfully to give me breakthrough. Over the years he has gone from strength to strength in his ministry and in leading by example.

This book is but part of the fruit of all those years of obedience to Gods call on his life.
At the end of the book C J supplys a very helpful list of suggested ways to battle pride in your life. He points out that you don't have to follow his list, but that you must have a list of things that you will engage in to battle pride.

I will be recommending this book to anyone who will listen (and probably to some who wont) because this is a battle we must win and this book is a concise, bible filled remedy that you should carry in your pocket where ever you go.
Get it, read it, do it.